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Power cords got you wound up? If you want a cordless vacuum that can clean your entire home, the Dyson V7 Motorhead is probably your best bet. It’s as powerful as cordless vacuums get, with the best handling, quietest operation, and easiest to empty dustbin for the price. We’ve done more than 125 hours of research and testing on cordless vacuums over the past three years, and this was an easy choice to make.

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Our pick

Dyson V7 Motorhead

The best cordless vacuum

One of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners, and the most pleasant to use, with smooth handling, tolerable noise, and a no-touch dustbin. Great for cleaning up all kinds of debris (including pet hair) from bare floors and most carpets.$300 $240 from Amazon

You save $60 (20%) $250 from Macy’s $250 from Walmart

May be out of stock

We found in our testing that the V7 Motorhead is particularly good at getting dust and hair out of carpets, compared with most other cordless models. It works well on bare floors, too. The battery can last 28 minutes with the cleaning head attached, which is plenty for most apartments or townhouses, and even a lot of single-family houses if you work fast. It can also convert into a handheld vacuum, and comes with two snap-on tools.

On the downside, the V7 is a very expensive vacuum. But if you want a cordless vacuum that can clean your whole home as thoroughly as a good plug-in model, this is how much it costs. Our runner-up is the only model that comes close to matching the cleaning performance, but we think paying the extra amount for the V7 is worth doing because this model is easier to use.

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