best cordless vacuum cleaner

A heavier and louder cordless vacuum, better on hard floors

Better at getting crumbs off bare floors and pet hair off furniture. But it’s heavier and louder, has a shorter battery life, and just isn’t quite as pleasant to use. $275* from Amazon $320 from Macy’s

*At the time of publishing, the price was $285.

The Shark IonFlex DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light isn’t our main pick because it’s noticeably heavier and louder than the Dyson V7 Motorhead. It’s not quite as strong of a carpet cleaner, either, and the battery lasts for only 20 minutes. But it’s better at cleaning upholstery and picking up big crumbs off bare floors, and has a longer warranty. The battery pack is also removable and charges in a separate dock, which could help the IonFlex DuoClean have a longer life span than the V7. If those upsides seem more important to you, grab this Shark instead of the Dyson.

Budget pick

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Good performance, great price

For quick pickups or good-enough apartment cleaning, the Hoover Linx is the sturdiest cordless vac for the money. $151* from Walmart

*At the time of publishing, the price was $170.

If you just need something affordable and convenient for tidying up a small space, the Hoover Linx (BH50020) is a tried-and-true option. It’s one of the most effective cleaners among budget-priced cordless vacs, and it has a respectable 16-minute run time. The foam filter is reusable, clogs and tangles are easy to clear, and the machine doesn’t need much general maintenance. Like its competitors at this price, it’s effective only at cleaning bare floors and maybe sweeping up some surface-level crumbs and hair from short rugs. The Linx has been available since 2009 and has thousands of owner reviews, so we know that most people should expect good performance from it over a couple of years. (This model used to be known as the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx; to the best of our knowledge, the new vacuum is exactly the same.)

Upgrade pick

Dyson V8 Absolute

The very best and most expensive cordless vacuum cleaner

The very best cordless vacuum cleaner, with more attachments, a longer battery life, and slightly stronger suction than our main pick. But wow is it expensive. $445 from Amazon $500 from Macy’s  

The Dyson V8 Absolute is the best cordless vacuum overall. It’s essentially the same vacuum as the V7, with a little more suction, six minutes of extra battery life, and some tools that help it clean upholstery and bare floors better—useful but mostly marginal advantages over our main pick, for a whole lot more money. It is a great machine, though the price is way steep.

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